Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Planning

Spring quarter is over on Monday for me and I cannot wait to start doing non-academic stuff! When I want! Not after I write a paper or finish reading an article of community food security or transcript a focus group! Except for when I'm serving the evil Siren, of course.

This summer I want to:

- Investigate home ownership more

- Consistently track my cycle

- Take a class or two at Modern Domestic

- Create some lightboxes

- Use every bit of produce we get from our CSA

- Go to a fair

- Bake lots of yummy goods with berries we pick from Sauvie Island

- Catch up on 'Grey's Anatomy'

- Peacock feathers!

- Always be in the middle of reading a new book

- Go to the coast or Orcas Island

- Watch a Mariner's game

- Go to the drive-in

- Work the biscuit a lot!