Friday, April 30, 2010

And so it begins...

The sharks came on Tuesday (04.27.10). This is only exciting in the sense that I can finally start charting. Which, of course, I didn't start until today because I'm awesome like that.

My cycles tend to be between 33 and 37 days which is on the longer side of normal. I'm curious to see if I'm actually ovulating when my body feels like I am. I can usually feel a twinge or slight cramping (usually on my right side) about 10 days before the sharks actually attack which I recently learned is called Mittelschmerz.

So for now... charting. Finding a known donor is trickier than one would think it would be. Perhaps the 9 page PDF I created that basically says 'You will not be the father. You will not be the father. YOU.WILL.NOT.BE.THE.FATHER. Legal babble. Legal babble. You must disclose to us if you have any risky sexual behavior while donating to us. Don't infect us. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.' is a little scary. But so is the idea of someone trying to fight us for custodial rights or passing along a nice STI. And that's more important.

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  1. Ahh! I didn't know about this!!! So exciting :)