Thursday, August 19, 2010


Silly snippets from conversations around our house. They're ridiculous but usually involve belly laughs that make my heart swell with love for this girl.

At the grocery store, when deciding which mixed fruit package we should get:

Me: This one. It has berries and melons.
Her: Perfect. I like berries more and you like melons more.
Me: I love melons. Cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelons. All melons. Especially pumpkin melons*.
Her: Pumpkin melons...?
Me: Think about it.
Me: I made you say Pumpkin Melons out loud at the grocery store.

Last year after I made some cupcakes:

Me: If I were a cupcake, this is what I would look like.
Her: Yeah, it totally has JBF** frosting.

After I made a cake last night:

Me: Will you bring me a slice, please?
Her: *brings me a slice with a bite taken out of it*

* I call her Pumpkin
** Just Been F*!#@ed

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